Networking doesn’t come easy to most of us. Sure, when we were younger, we’d pretty much talk to anyone. As we grow older, we somehow grow more inhibited. Consequently we network under duress and give little thought to any kind of plan. That’s why this great book is a game changer for more strategic networking.

Networking is particularly challenging for employed people in big organisations or competitive industries. Their safe and secure environment and steady pay check does little to push comfort zones and stimulate risk-taking. Even with self-employed experts and entrepreneurial business owners, we rarely get a handle on the strategic side of networking. But this book will save you!

I interviewed the wonderful Lynne Waymon a while back for our Networking Giants Radio Show on making your contacts count. listen to it here>>. Lynne has a gifted blend of attention to the details of networking (what to say and do in particular networking situations) and the big picture strategy of getting it right with a plan.

Rob Brown reviewing Strategic Connections
Rob Brown & Strategic Connections

In a wonderfully collaborative book (big up to Anne Baber, André Alphonso and Jim Wylde), you’ve got here a playbook for world class face to face networking. From making networking less stressful and quickly earning trust to increasing your likeability and storytelling to showcase your expertise, this book has it all.

You’ll particularly love the deep dive into the different kinds of networks you need in a big organisation or industry. What they are, how they serve you and how to choose people for each one. But the heart and soul of the book is the emphasis on social acumen – making the most out of every contact and conversation.

You get specific advice on mastering conversational skills, going deep with relationships, adding value and enhancing your profile for career and business opportunities. Packed with lots of examples, script and tips, it’s simply the best networking book I’ve read for a long time. If you think there’s a better one, I’d love to read it!

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