Anyone will tell you how important relationships are in career and business. But what they do to build them is something altogether less committed. Relationships can be complex because they involve people, who are complex. That’s why I love this book by Matt Bird, who truly gets relationships!Rob Brown reviewing relationology by matt bird

Matt’s black book of contacts in London is pure gold, and having seen him in action I know why. He lives and breathes relationship. Split conveniently in to three sections on collecting, keeping and growing relationships, here are a few sample sections:

  1. How to flourish in a crowded room
  2. How to overcome self-doubt
  3. how to secure an initial meeting
  4. How to get more referrals
  5. How to become a trusted advisor

Although the book advertises 101 ‘secrets’, these are not really secrets. They are common sense and very practical, and stuff that we all should know. But even if we do know, we don’t execute. Which is one of the reasons I love this book. A few of my fave quotes from the book:

People love to hear their name used, especially in a group of people.” (p25) A great reminder of the power of names, and the nudge to use them in a group is insightful.

When you get some time with an important person, be thinking how you can reach out again.” (p56) I like this because it gets you thinking about how you can position the next action or encounter.

Talk about shared memories.” (p146). when you can do interesting things with your clients and contacts, it always gives you something memorable to talk about and cement your relationship

The best trusted advisors have the relational agility to pick up relationships where they left off.” (p159). This got me thinking about how easily I can kick start relationships with people I’ve not seen in a while. It’s easier if you’ve kept in touch a little inbetween.

Even a seasoned networker like me needs constantly reminding of both the basics and the nuances of building successful relationships. That’s why this book by @relationology is a great read.


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